Our Programs


We continue to do our best to deliver our programs during this pandemic time. We have had to modify our delivery to comply with Provincial guidelines and to keep everyone safe. Please call our office to get current information on what we offer.

To contact us call: 250-871-5940 or email:

Friendly Visitor

The Friendly Visitor Program offers an hour each week of in-person visiting to support seniors who are feeling isolated and lonely. While one hour a week may seem modest, it can make a world of difference to an isolated senior. Having someone to talk to, having someone who will listen well, someone who might play a game, read to you, walk with you, put together a puzzle, and in general pay you some good attention can brighten your day.

The Friendly Visitor Program can also be done via telephone or a social media platform such as Zoom if this is preferred.

Books for Seniors is a partnership program between the Courtenay and Comox Libraries and CV Senior Support. Once each month a book bundle will be delivered to your door by a CV Senior Support Volunteer. A book bundle will contain items of your choice: print books, audiobooks, magazines, music CDs, and videos. If you are interested in participating, please call our office: 250-871-5940.

Senior Information & Access Support (SIAS) – Comox Valley

This program helps seniors in various areas including tax preparation, navigating frustrating phone systems, completing web-based and paper-based applications, as well as accessing eligible information and resources. Our team can help seniors fill out important forms such as Income Tax, Federal Government Guaranteed Income Supplement, Fair Pharmacare, and BC Housing forms like SAFER and Home Adaptations for Independence that are needed to access services and programs.

Access to affordable, safe housing is a difficult and frustrating issue for many seniors. Although we are not a housing society, we will assist as much as we can by outlining options, making connections, referring to other agencies, and even assisting with a housing search.

Within the SIAS program we have a partnership with Lush Valley Food Action Society to provide already prepared meals and Good Food Boxes, which are bi—weekly full of fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs and other foods to seniors. This program started in 2020 and has become a critical part of our community work.  LUSH prepares 80 meals per week for seniors receiving support from Comox Valley Senior Support at a cost of $6 per meal. The meals are nutritious and well balance, prepared by a red seal chef.

Do you have an issue or a problem you want to talk to someone about? Not sure if we can help? Call us and we will do what we can to help.

Caregiver Support

Caregiver Support Groups provide a once per month opportunity for caregivers to meet in a friendly, supportive environment where they can interact with, receive from, and give support, to other caregivers. The caregiving journey is complicated and can be difficult, exhausting and sometimes not well understood by those who have not experienced it.  We run groups for both female and male caregivers. If you are interested in participating, please call our office: 250-871-5940.