COVID-19 Information and Resources

Resources for Seniors During COVID-19 Isolation: Information, Free Counselling, General Support


The BC Centre for Disease Control is your most reliable source:

We strongly encourage the use of a face mask when you are out and about in the community. This is particularly important if you are in a retail shop, and even required in some shops. If you use public transportation, the use of a mask is required unless you have a medical reason for not using one. If you don’t have a mask, call us. We also have hand sanitizer.


Many seniors, particularly those who feel vulnerable because of existing health conditions, have been self-isolating for months. While isolating is a correct course of action, it is hard to do on a continuing basis and isolation is taking its toll on seniors. We want to help. We are here to talk to you and if you would benefit from counselling, we can offer that too. Access to our counsellor requires a referral from our office but the counselling service continues to be free. Give us a call if counselling interests you: 250-871-5940


If you are uncomfortable about shopping, or cannot shop, we have volunteers who will help. Please contact our office for information. You are responsible for paying for your groceries but our shopping service is free. In addition to groceries, we will pick up prescriptions, pet food, and other essentials.