Comox Valley cowgirls raise money for seniors



What started out as a Valentine’s ride to show some love for Comox Valley vulnerable seniors by raising $1,000.00 to support the work of CV Senior Support Society far exceeded anyone’s expectations. Cowgirls for Seniors captured the hearts of the riders’ families and friends, as well as other CV residents who, upon hearing of the ride and the fundraising intention, jumped in to show their support helping these Cowgirl Valentine’s Angels raise the astounding amount of $11,200.00!


Riders Tonie Davis, Tami Corigall-Austin, Megan Schofield, Cheryl Jones Burroughs and Leanne Jones left from the Driftwood Mall at 6pm on Wednesday, February 10th, riding along Fitzgerald Ave to the sound of horns tooting and observers clapping and whistling. They arrived at the CV Senior Support office located at 450 Eighth Street about a half hour later. There they were greeted by a welcoming committee of two CV staff and two board members. In addition to the cash raised, sundry items for seniors to be distributed were also delivered.

Rider and ride organizer, Tonie Davis, said she was “warmed by the generous support of the people in the Comox Valley”. She also said, “It was fun. Initially it was hard to come up with something that would make people want to donate. Doing a Valentine’s ride to support seniors in need, and doing this on our horses, seemed a bit far fetched but it worked incredibly well. We are a competitive bunch and so we kind of challenged each other to see who could raise the most. We found that lots of people did not know about the work of CV Senior Support and so we all got to learn and spread the word as well. It was a positive, rewarding experience for us all.”

Jenny Gohl, CV Senior Support Board Chair said, “Totally awesome! So much kindness and generosity is heartwarming. Deep thanks to all concerned”.

And according to Anne Lawrie, volunteer and bookkeeper with the Society, “It was an amazing sight – horses and riders lit up and decorated”.

From board member, Louise Salter who was on hand to receive the money, “It was awe-inspiring to be there and see the horses come trotting up, proud and beautiful in their varied decorations – even the riders dressed up for the occasion – and how pleased they were to be able to contribute to CVSSS!!  I came close to tears while thanking them for their efforts”.

And from board member, Michael Higgins, “What an amazing result from such a grass-roots source. They are a special group!”.  Michael Higgins,

Thank you, to the Cowgirls for Seniors Valentine’s Angels and to everyone who donated to support the work of CV Senior Support Society. What a unique fundraising initiative this was and, we are told, it just might happen again next year!

And oh, you might be wondering who was responsible for scooping the poop along the route – the husbands, of course.