Purpose and History

The purpose of the Society is to address the well-being of aged persons by providing support services in the Comox Valley and area that extends from Fanny Bay through Black Creek and includes the Islands of Denman and Hornby.

In 1990 a group of seniors and professionals identified the need for affordable counselling for seniors in the Comox Valley. Choosing 'peer counselling' as a viable way of offering emotional support to seniors, and using the curriculum developed by the Gerontology Association of Victoria (Honore France), the first group of peer counsellors was trained in September 1991 and service to seniors began soon after.

The group became known as Comox Valley Senior Peer Counselling Society. From the onset the mission was to provide emotional support to isolated seniors in their home. The mandate was to provide listening and supportive services that would decrease the isolation of seniors and fill the gap in existing services to the frail elderly in the Comox Valley. There was an understanding that these seniors would be identified initially by the professional community and by those working in volunteer groups to support seniors, and eventually by the larger community.

Quickly the mandate of the program expanded to include support to seniors struggling with transportation, housing, elder abuse, and information and education issues, resources and other services. With the exception of paid staff to coordinate the activities of the Society, the majority of front line services to seniors was delivered by screened and trained volunteers. This has remained a constant throughout the evolution of the organization.

In 1993, the Society became an affiliate of Senior Peer Counselling of BC. In 2016 the organization dropped the word 'counselling' from its name, replacing it with 'support' (CV Senior Peer Support) to clarify that emotional support to seniors is the work of the Society and not 'counselling' which is a professional designation requiring specific training. In May 2018 the Society formally changed its name to Comox Valley Senior Support Society. This was done to reflect the broad range of programs and services the Society offers to Comox Valley seniors as well as to acknowledge that some of our volunteers are not seniors and that younger volunteers are also welcome as support workers.

Although the mandate of the Society may have broadened over the years, the overall philosophy of 'people helping people' and the practice of training and deploying volunteers as the helpers has not changed.

COVID-19 IS HERE. Our office is closed but we are still here to support vulnerable seniors. Call us, or email, and we can offer phone support as well as assistance picking up prescriptions or groceries. Keep an eye on this website since we will update frequently with information that could be useful.