Keep the LOCKDOWN Blues at Bay — Let’s Have Fun!

Keeping the Lockdown Blues at Bay — Let’s Have Fun!

It almost sounds like a song: The Lockdown Blues! Our winter title was, “Keeping the Winter Blues at Bay”, but winter has passed, spring is here, but Lockdown continues. A name tweak – and all is good. We will keep this list going for a bit. at least until the warm weather is here, lockdown is relaxed, and we can get out and safely socialize again. If you know of a virtual event or activity that may be of interest to others, let us know. Send an email

Huge appreciation to volunteer Sammy Clarke for her work on this page. It’s all Sammy!



The Sofa Singers (Cost – Free or £10/$17.41 per month)

Add some singing in to your day with the Sofa Singers.

James Sills hosts a virtual 45 minute live singalong on Zoom twice a week to bring joy and music to anyone who wants to join in.

Sign up for limited spots for free


Become a member for $17.41 per month which ensure you have a spot, gives you access to the community Facebook page and exclusive content, and allows you to re-watch recorded sessions.

Take part on Tuesday’s at 11:30am PST


If you happen to be awake 3:00am PST on Friday’s

Make sure you register in advance to receive the lyric sheets and the Zoom link!


Celebration Singers Community Choirs (Cost – $100 per term) 

Our very own Comox Valley is home to the Celebration Singers Community Choirs.

Their new term starts in January.

Contact them through their website for details about joining:


Letz Sing Choir (Cost – $10/week, if possible)

Letz Sing is a local choir directed by Tina.

Singing is better than not singing, so with COVID-19 restriction they moved online to Zoom.

They are committed to making their choir accessible to everyone!

Give it a try for free, on January 11th at 7pm

Register for the free events at:

The new term starts January 18th, 2021

Contact Tina at: to sign up!

Check out their website at:


Cirque du Soleil (Cost – Free)

Cirque du Soleil has put videos of behind the scenes training, spot lights on fan favourites acts, and even 60 minute specials of some of their shows on YouTube

Check out the magical world of Cirque du Soleil at free right from you home at: 


Ted Talks (Cost – Free) 

A huge archive of videos and talks on any topic you can imagine.

Get inspired, learn something new, or just see what someone has to say about a topic you find interesting.

Go to , select topics and video length to see suggest talks, or browse through their archives yourself.

Or, why not try one of their 25 most popular talks of all time from this playlist:


Art and Creativity for Healing (Cost – $39USD/class + supplies) 

Art 4 Healing offers online live art classes through Zoom.

Classes are easy to access and lots of support and guidance is provided.

Sign up for a class with friends or family members, or join alone and meet some other art enthusiasts.

Click here to sign up through their website:


Recipe Share on Facebook (Cost – Free) 

Stuck in a recipe rut? Check out the “Awesome Recipe Share Group” on Facebook for some new inspiration.

This page is full of dishes of all kinds with links to the recipes so you can recreate the dishes yourself.

Submit recipes you love so others can try them out, or just scroll through to find something new you want to try.

To find the page just search “Awesome Recipe Share Group” on Facebook, or follow this link:


Quarantine Art Club (Cost – Free)

Get monthly inspiration the first Tuesday of each month from @carsonellis on Instagram.

Monthly themes are posted to inspire followers in their art making.

Use the inspiration to guide your own creativity, and if you want… share your creations with others on Instagram using the #transmundanetuesday

This account is also working on putting together online art workshops for all ages and abilities, follow the account to see when these might be starting in the future.


International Puzzle Swap (Cost – $51USD/year + shipping costs) 

The International Puzzle Swap links it’s members with each other to share those puzzles that have been sitting in their closet since it was completed the first time.

Members pay $51 USD/year (or $61USD for 2 years) to become a part of the group

You can choose the specific puzzle you would like to receive from the puzzle library or just provide your specifications (number or pieces, if you are ok with a couple missing pieces, if you have any mobility needs) and you will be sent a puzzle that matches your preferences.

Members are also expected to send puzzles of their own and participate in the swapping.


Poppy Love’s Book Club (Cost – Free + a monthly book)

Poppy Love is a British blogger who hosts a worldwide monthly book club for women.

Each month members read the chosen book, then log in to Facebook on the last Wednesday of each month from 11:30am – 1:00pm PST to discuss the book over live stream

Check out their website or Facebook page for the most recent information:


Podcasts (Cost – Free-$9.99/month)

Listen on a walk or at home. There are podcasts out there on any topic you could imagine.

Listen on the CBC Listen, Spotify or Apple Music (listen for free with ads or sign up for the premium versions for $9.99/month)

Here are some podcasts to try out:

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – hosted by journalist and broadcaster Dan Carlin. He brings a new energy to historical events!

On Being with Krista Tippet – Krista Tippet tackles life’s big questions. She discusses spiritual inquiry, science, social hearing, and the arts

Conspiracy Theories by The Parcast Network – This podcasts gives you all the details about different events and tackles if the truth really is the best story

10% Happier with Dan Harris – Dan Harris talks with experts about the secret to living life 10% happier than you are today

30 for 30 Podcasts – from the original 30 for 30 documentary series on ESPN, this podcast features stories from the world of sports and beyond

Seat at the Table with Martine St-Victor and Isabelle Racicot: 2 friends and guests talking about the Black Lives Matter Movement, why it is important, and what the next steps are

Find these podcasts and more through the Spotify app (in the apple store or google play), on the CBC website under podcasts, on Apple Music, or follow these links to get started:

CBC Podcasts:

Spotify (free) sign up: 

Spotify Premium sign up:

Apple Music (free for 3months then $9.99/month) sign up:


Online Puzzles (Cost – Free) 

Go to, pick a puzzle, pick how many pieces you would like, and enjoy!

So many options, there should be something for everyone!

Plus, it’s all contained to your screen so you can keep your kitchen table free for dinner!


Virtual Baking Club with the Vancouver Island Regional Library (Cost – Free + the cost of ingredients and equipment)

Registration is required

Each month club members are given a theme. Each member is to create or discover a recipe that meets the theme and bring their recipe and baked goods to the virtual zoom meeting each month.

All ages welcome, contact to register.




Duolingo (Cost – Free) 

Now seems like as good a time as any to learn a new language!

Duolingo is a free program that will help you learn how to speak a new language.

They offer 36 different language courses with easy to follow, simple lessons to get you started from an level.

Follow this link to get started:


Ukulele and Guitar Lessons (Cost – Free + an instrument)

Andy will teach you how to play the guitar or ukulele through his online YouTube videos.

His videos are aimed for beginners and give easy instructions to teach you the basics.

Try his 10 day Ukulele Starter Course:


The Beginner Course for guitar:


Browse his page for other tutorials and videos:


Master Class (Cost – $20/month)

Access a huge variety on classes on lots of different topics taught by celebrities and experts in the field.

Classes are guided with videos and include workbooks to help you learn about something new

Pay $20/month and have access to as many classes as you want!

Maybe try out these: 

Jimmy Chin teaches adventure photography –

Steve Martin teaches comedy –

Dr. Jane Goodall teaches conservation –

Ron Finley teaches gardening –


Khan Academy (Cost – Free) 

A variety of online educational classes for free

Most courses are aimed at school ages, but they have a section of classes that may interest all ages!

Sign up for a free account to access any classes from their library

Maybe try out these: 

Art History, Start from the basics –

World History –

How Computers Work –


Skill Share (Cost – $20/month or $141/year) 

Online classes on many different topics

Browse through their huge variety of classes or try these ones:

Meditation 101 –

Watercolour Holiday Cards –

Woodworking Techniques for Beginners –


Truth and Reconciliation Archives (Cost – Free) 

Read, watch, and learn about the history and effects of the Residential School system in Canada

Watch mini documentaries and read the archived stories from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission online at the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation*%20and%20form%20video?sessionsearch 


The Museum of Vancouver – Virtual tour (Cost – Free) 

Check out the Museum of Vancouver’s History gallery right from your own home.

Just follow the link and walk through their online gallery:


Google Arts and Culture – Virtual Tours (Cost – Free) 

Google has put together virtual tours of some of the worlds most famous museums as well as tours through the works of different artists and art styles .

Why not start by checking out these:

The Forbidden City:

Sophie Taeuber-Arp at MoMA:

World War II – The Flying Frontier: 

Explore more at:



Silver Sneakers (Cost – Free) 

Silver Sneakers posts workout videos on YouTube designed for seniors

Browse through their videos and add some movement to your day


ElderGym Academy (Cost – Free to $20/month)

ElderGym also posts work out videos you can do from you home that are targeted towards seniors.

Watch their videos for free at:


If you prefer scheduled classes to help keep you on track you can join their online membership system.

This gives you access to live stream classes, personal support from coaches, and increased library of videos, and more.

This membership costs $20USD monthly, but they are currently offering a 1 week free trial

Access the membership program at:


Heart and Soul Fitness (Cost – Free) 

Heart and Soul Fitness has online workout videos for all abilities and and levels.

They have a section specifically designed for seniors, as well as a wide variety of other videos if you are looking to branch out.

Find the seniors curated archives here:


Explore all of their videos here:


Virtual Recreation with the City of Courtenay (Cost – Free) 

click the link to find a variety of fitness classes you can watch any time!


Do Yoga With Me (Cost – Free or pay $10US/month for extended access) 

No sign up required!

Watch classes from a huge library of free classes or pay $10US/month to unlock the premium classes as well.

Filter classes by length, style, teacher, focus or difficulty

Note: classes with the “+” icon require membership.


Senior Fitness with Meredith (Cost – Free) 

Watch classes on Youtube designed specifically for seniors.

Browse the channel’s library of classes here:




ScrabbleGo (Cost – Free with optional in app purchases) 

Get ScrabbleGo in the Apple app store or Google Play

Download and play with your friends or let the app match you with others online looking for a partner.

Easy to use and follows the rules of the classic Scrabble board game


Draw Something (Cost – Free with option in app purchases) 

Get Draw Something in the Apple app store or Google Play

Choose a word and draw a picture to make the other player guess what your word is.

Play with friends or family who also have the app, or let the app match you with others looking for a partner


Board Game Arena (Cost – Free) 

Sign up for free an play from a large variety of online board game

A lot of these games a less well known but the website will walk you through how to play any game you choose! Maybe you’ll stubble across a new favourite.

Invite people you know to play a game with you or play against someone who is also looking for a partner.

Choose whether you want to play a full game now, or take it turn by turn when you have the time.

Browse games based on difficulty or number of players.

Maybe start by trying out (just search for them under “find a game”):

Yahtzee, Battleships, or Can’t Stop


Catan (Cost – Free) 

Play this classic multiplayer adventure game with your friends and family or just by yourself

Play on a tablet, smartphone, or computer. Just register for free and get started

Note: on a computer make sure to make to game screen full screen by clicking on the symbol with the 2 diagonal arrows (this will make the graphics much easier to read!)

Click the following link to start playing Catan!


MSN Games (Cost – Free)

MSN Zone has a large archive of online games that are free to play.

They have games to play on your own as well as a multiplayer section where you are randomly matched with others looking for an opponent.

Why not try: Mahjong, Jewel, or Bubble Shooter


For Grandparents

Readeo (Cost – $9.99/month or $99.99/year) **currently offering free month trial

Readeo is an online way to have story time with your grandchildren.

You and your grandchild can read along and turn the pages to any of the 200+ books in the Readeo virtual library.

Books are aimed from kids 0 – 8

Follow the link to learn more about Readeo and start your free month trial:


Marco Polo App (Cost – Free)

Marco Polo is an app available through the Apple app store of Google Play

It allows you to send video messages back and forth with loved so you can stay in touch without having to coordinate schedules.

The program has great features in it’s free version, and also provides the option to upgrade to Marco Polo Plus for $60/year

The paid version removes ads and allows you to save the videos you send and receive as well as add fun filters and effects to your messages.

Check it out here:


Pen Pals (Cost – $1.07 for an individual stamp) 

Emails and phone calls are great to keep in touch more immediately, but there is still something exciting about sending and receiving letters!

Why not start sending letters back an forth with the people you care about?