No Senior Left Alone


Comox Valley Senior Support exists to help address issues of isolation experienced by older adults. Isolation can be an outcome of not having family to support you, not having friends or friends nearby, having illness or mobility issues that prevent or limit participation, being a caregiver, or simply being an elderly person who has no one left.

Our office, located at 491-B 4th Street is now closed for a couple of weeks as we join the important movement to 'flatten the curve'. We are all, volunteers as well as staff, still supporting seniors - it just looks a little different. Our home visiting program is suspended but our clients continue to be supported through telephone/Skype/Facetime visits. We have special volunteers who are ready to do a check in call to any senior who would like this.  We will also pick up prescriptions and/or groceries and deliver them if necessary. To contact us, call our office at 250-871-5940 and leave a message that includes your name and phone number. You can also email: We will get back to you quickly.

SPECIAL NOTE: For seniors who don't answer their phone unless they recognize the number on their call display screen - please consider relaxing this vigilance so our volunteers can reach you. They will be calling from their home or cell phone. They will identify as being a volunteer with us and, if you feel uncertain, you can always call our office number to ask if the person is a legitimate volunteer with senior support or not.

Prior to the arrival of COVID-19 we had planned an awareness and fundraising campaign to support the work we do. This will continue. Please support this initiative in any or all of the following ways: make a donation through our Canada Helps link, take our volunteer training and join our league of volunteers, consider joining our Board of Directors at our June AGM, share information about our programs - particularly to those who would benefit from our support. 

Take care of yourself. Take care of others too.


Client Profiles

Julie Senior


Julie is supported by CV Senior Support volunteer, Chris. Julie lives alone and eagerly looks forward to her weekly interaction with Chris who visits, laughs with her, takes her out, and provides in Julie’s words, “a ray of sunshine – the visit is the high point of my week”.


Lis lives alone in her home. She has macular degeneration and cannot read anymore, something she once enjoyed and misses terribly. CV Senior Support volunteer and retired librarian, Louise, reads to Lis each week, an activity they both enjoy. To quote Lis, “Louise is a gem who provides such pleasure. Without her I would be isolated and have nothing to look forward to”.