Tim Hortons smile cookie

Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign

Volunteers Louise and Sandy – Smile Cookie decorators – what fun!

Comox Valley Senior Support was honoured to be selected as a beneficiary of the Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign this year. Thank you, Tim Hortons! The campaign ran Sept. 14 – 20 with two locations supporting us: Lerwick Road (Home Depot) and Ryan Road (Superstore). Sincere gratitude to Jennie Brocklehurst and her Tim Hortons’ workers. You were all a delight to be around.

Thank you also to our volunteers who decorated cookies and promoted the event. And, importantly, thank you to everyone who purchased Smile Cookies and supported us. The Smile Cookie Campaign raised $2,992.00 for the Society. Thank you, very much, Tim Hortons!

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