Our Volunteer Program

Volunteers are at the heart of Comox Valley Senior Support. We are able to help Comox Valley seniors because of the incredible contingent of caring, generous volunteers who generously donate their time, energy and expertise. At any given time we have about 90 volunteers working on the front line of our programs and services visiting seniors, facilitating support groups, helping a senior fill in an application for benefits, helping a senior with a housing issue, providing information and suggesting possible resources relevant to an issue a senior is dealing with, and so forth. Seniors approach us with a wide range of questions and issues and we always try to help.

A successful volunteer program must offer meaningful volunteer work. It must also offer adequate training and ongoing support and recognition for volunteers. We endeavour to all of this. Our goal is to make the volunteer experience with CV Senior Support an excellent one. In addition to opportunities to learn and fine tune support skills, we work within a team-based system where all volunteers have a support person assigned to them. This means there is always someone to consult or debrief with. We also like to have some fun together and we have a few social events a year so this can happen.

There are a number of different ways to volunteer with us. These include direct support to seniors via any of our programs, working in our office, serving on our Board of Directors, fundraising, conducting small research projects, supporting caregivers, shopping for homebound seniors, facilitating groups, and assisting with volunteer training. It all begins with a phone call or an email; an expression of interest in volunteering. All prospective volunteers must participate in our training program and undergo a criminal records check. Volunteer training is conducted several times each year.

The Society cannot operate without its volunteers and we are lucky to have so many really great people involved.  If you would like to join us as a volunteer, give us a call at 250 871 5940 - we would love to hear from you.

Volunteer Meetings (currently suspended because of COVID-19)


Fall Volunteer Training

Training Opportunities Are On-going. Current scheduled small group (in-person) and Zoom-based trainings are:

  1. October 6th and 7th (Tues/Wed): 10 - 12  In-person, maximum 5 trainees
  2. October 27th and 29th (Tues/Thurs): 10 - 12 (Zoom, maximum 8 trainees)
  3. November 3rd and 4th (Tues/Wed): 10 - 12 In-person, maximum 5 trainees
  4. November 17th and 19th (Tues/Thurs): 10-12 (Zoom, maximum 8 trainees)
  5. November 24th and 25th (Tues/Wed): 10 - 12 In-person, maximum 5 trainees
  6. December 1st and 3rd (Tues/Thurs): 10-12 (Zoom, maximum 8 trainees)

Please call the office for full information: 250-871-5940; or email: cvseniorsupport@shaw.ca


Our bowling facilitators, Doreen and Anne, along with two bowlers.